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Nice book


your work brings us an in closer to nature and its beauty thanks for sharing

  Prant Patel

Really awesome , great work and nice website

  maharshi patel

Niravbhai - Very nice pictures Its amazing , Feel very proud that I know person with some WONDERFUL Artistic Skill & Hobby , now I wish to meet you personally. There is no word to appreciate your art, Just Wonderful. You are proud of Gujarat as well of India - Jaimin Maniar

  Jaimin Bipinchandra Maniar

thank u so much for providing raptors of gujrat and nice photography i wish god will bless you to keep doing your noble work


No comment

  Balkrishna Soneji

Impressive images and nicely done web site. Congratulations ,Nirav. I do my little part ,do visit and advice about how to make it better. Thanks and regards Yashbhai

  Yash Chhaya

Many Many Congratulations dear Bird Watcher.


Liked your pictures! Good work, especially Indian Wolves. Thanks.


Superb images, amazing collection and awesome records. Your hardwork and dedication is unmatched and reflects in your work. Your knowledge of birds, raptors, habitats and nature is inspiration. Above all, a fantastic human being you are. Many thanks for all the information and images you share. Wish, the journey continues. Cheers Vivek

  Vivek Mansata

Wonderful,useful website

  Dr.Rajesh Bhalodia

Absolutely brilliant work. Information abt raptors is unmatched and absolutely thorough.

  aseem khadakkar

Awesome images of raptors and other wildlife .. and article (raptors of Gujarat) it is very useful to me for identification of raptors

  minal patel

Truly a great website, showcasing some of the most diverse of bird and mammal species of our country.

  M N Srinivasa Raju

Wonderfull images! Great efforts. Thanks for wildlife tours.

  kiran sehlot

Superb clicks niravbhai...

  Niral chokshi

Absolutely stunning pictures I must say. Keep up the hobby and wish you the best of luck for future endovours!! Cheers

  Baldev Rana

Niravbhai, When you were coming to home I had no interest in birds and now i am dying to meet :)


Superb work amazing pictures. Too good for references. Keep It Up.

  parvez khan

Fantastic collection of species man.. Everyone aware of efforts and time need to spend to get such images... Just beautiful...!!!

  Siddhesh Bramhankar

Amazing photographs. Helpful for bird watcher like me.

  Jugal Patel

Sperb Shots..!!!

  Pratik Patel

Lovely site, Nirav Good luck in all your endeavours. Krys


Awesome pictures !!!! And amazing passion for wildlife photography that I got a glimpse of. Your hobby has taken you into a new planet of your own... keep it up.


I must admit, your photography skills are truly amazing!! Loved all the photographs!! Keep up the great work :)

  Sagar Rahalkar

Hi Nirav, Great website with lovely images!! :) Regards, Angad Achappa Bangalore

  Angad Achappa

good photos


beautiful creation by very wonderful person.

  viral Solanki

Excellent work Nirav! great collection of species & images. All the best.


Absolutely amazing images. Keep up the good work.


Congratulations for your very very attractive and informative website.The photographs are just superb


nice photos. sirji keep it up.

  amit s goda

Planetnirav.......amazing ! your passion deserve all and u are a bird of paradise.

  rahul Mahajan

Congratulations on launching a beautiful website. It is well designed, the layout is simple and very user friendly.Your work on raptors is amazing !!

  Dr.Aniruddha Dikshit

Nirav Bhatt to me is the greatest Birdwatcher and Photographer i have met till date.. His knowledge in Birds and especially my favourite too, Raptors is salutable... I used to c his photographs ever since i develped my passion in Wildlife and thought to meet this great guy someday.. And the dream came true, thanks to Yogendrabhai, who introduced me to Niravbhai... Very well job done Nirav, all the best for future...

  Ankit Shukla

kick ass clicks !!!

  prashant choudhary

Many Many Congratulations dear Bird Watcher.

  Mehul Panchal

A Marvelously laid out site. Niravji, this is a Beautiful collection of your works. Regards.

  Ragoo Rao

Very Good Site ....... Very Good Documentation in the form on "Raptors of Gujarat" If you do organise a Birding Trip please keep me informed. All the Best..... Kinds Regards, JATIN PATEL ASPEE

  Jatin Patel

Congrats, Nirav. Your boundless enthusiasium is visible in this great have collected a good number of Indian fauna at a young is the limit for you. Will follow your website with interest. All the best.

  Dr Salil Choksi

"Fulvus Roundleaf Bat" wow....... love the series ... thanks & congrats Sharad

  Sharad Agrawal

Superb effort Nirav! Very happy to see your high quality wildlife images - all in one place!! Wishing you many more happy moments in the wild... regards, Vijay

  Vijay Cavale

Congrts...its very good and informative site...


wonderful set of pictures niravbhai, loved to browse through this lovely website.

  manjeet & yograj jadeja

Excellent site, the pics are really beautiful. I wish you all the best for your journey ahead.....

  Ashish Kothalkar

Niravji, I Appreciate the Site. It has ben very Beautifully Laid-out and the Images are Marvelous. Regards & Best Wishes

  Ragoo Rao

Very beautifully worked out website this.. the moods of the mammals are so awesome.. even though I am birder at heart.. I am mesmerized by the mammals pictures.. the wolf looks as if it was asked to pose at your studio.. Kudos budy and hope to shoot with you in the near future at LRK.. all the very best and again the website is simple and awesome!!


Mr. Nirav, I appreciate you for adventure work. This is really very nice and useful for Forestry and Wildlife students.

  Abhishek Mani Tripathi


  Hemang Shukla

Ek No Abhinandan.

  Kamlesh Wasake

Fabulous..Always a fan of your photographs. Best regards

  Pranjal J. Saikia

It has come out beautifully. All the very best.

  Viswanath V N

Excellent images and website Nirav. I wish u all the best for yr wildlife photography in future.

  Atul Dhamankar

Its really very beutiful photography . Im intersted in wildlife, but


Wow, what an extraordinary bunch of photos. I am really impressed with the quality of the website and the takes lot of time and patience to deliver such beautiful images of bird and wild life....Even i am into bird photography and love for nature. Hope to meet you some day to earn some experience.

  Raghuvirsinh Solanki

What a fascinating website!. While going through the images of lions I felt as if I were going in Gir Forest. If some one wants to learn about the wildlife of Gujarat, this website is a gateway. Congrats NIRAV for your passionate website and your love towards the wildlife and Nature. Samad Kottur

  Samad Kottur

Great work Niravbhai, specially I like list of species collected, looks as encyclopaedia of birds......congrates


nirav, i would like to send you a complimentary copy of my book titled Butterflies of Mumbai. This book covers 153 species of mumbai has a total of more than 415 photographs including some 103 caterpillar images, you could google for reviews if you wish.

  nelson rodrigues

hello nirav... actually i had a tiring day and was about to go to sleep, when i decided to have a glance at your web site for 5 minutes, Believe me i spent more than 35 minutes admiring the raw beauty of nature through your lens. great job, only someone who passionately loves nature can create photos like these. Nelson Rodrigues

  nelson rodrigues

nice ,amazing photographs.

  piyush shah

Hellow Nirav, You might be astonished and also pleased to have this response from VIRNAGAR , no? I came to know abnout your wonderous job from this year's calander given thho Anuben.I liked this web very much and wish you all the best . Jay Bhagwan. BATUKBHAI

  Nilbanth Antani(Batukbhai)

Really enjoyed your gallery for its uniqueness of images besides them being so very beautiful.Congrats for the many awards you have received and your images being in so many books.I admire the conservationist in you and your in-depth knowledge of IDing of the various species which is not so easy to master! Warm regards, Nirmala

  Nirmala Sridhar

great photos awesome clicks u r inspire me to get pics with meaning ! not just click, click and click

  Harpalsinh Kathiya

Disappointed I am!!! . . . . . . . For not being the 1st one to comment on such a wonderful site... NIRAV is the not your run of the mill photographers, with an SLR. He is one of those rare species (in his language) who is passionate about the wildlife... birds being his first love!! This site I'm sure apart from the awesome photography, would serve as an inspiration for all those budding PASSIONATE photographers, out there!!


Hey, its very attractive site.. Thanks for sharing these photos..

  Malay Kothari